A new dining room

About a year ago, we got rid of our large, heavy, black dining room table and chairs.  They were beautiful but took up so much space and were hard to move around.  At the time, with the baby coming, we felt we could better use the space as a play area and eventually purchase a small table and chairs for the dining area.

The living room, dining, and kitchen all share one space.  I designed that intentionally so that I could see everyone (such as a baby) at one time.  Plus, we all inhabit the kitchen more than any other room in the house along with the shared living space.  With the holidays coming up and we had saved up some money, we found a-round, grey table, and chairs at IKEA in Fishers.  If you have not been to an IKEA, it is a must!  Forget ordering online (their shipping is a fortune) but going to the store, is a lot of fun.  The store is set up with dozens of rooms on display and you walk on a pathway through room displays and get awesome ideas on how to organize your space and lots of decorating ideas. 

If purchasing furniture, I strongly recommend, looking up the furniture online prior and knowing that it is stocked at the store, and writing down the item and bin number.  All furniture (and larger items)  have tags on them with the item number and bin/isle numbers.  You must go pick up the piece from the warehouse part of the store, which is at the end by check-out.  Just walking through the store to look at everything is a good 30-minute journey (on a pathway with arrows). 

We then purchased a new rug for the dining area and wanted everything to go with the newly painted cabinet and small buffet cabinet.  And it looks great!  The table also expands for up to 6 people and fits our space and needs perfectly.  The baby still has space to play, and we have a dining room table to host holiday meals at.  And we didn’t spend a fortune to do it.  IKEA is reasonably priced, well-made but you do have to assemble the furniture.  It is great if you have children who are rough on stuff or pets, it holds up well.  It is mostly modern in design and very versatile. 

Overall, a fun place to go look, explore and get ideas and inspiration! Plus, we love our new dining room area with our refinished cabinets.  Can’t wait to host a holiday dinner!

IKEA Fishers – Furniture Store in Indianapolis, IN – IKEA

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