Inspiration Board

It is getting close to a new year, and besides working on my New Year’s goals, working on my mess of an inspiration board is on my list. An inspiration board (some call a vision board) helps you pull together your thoughts, goals, ideas, etc. that visually bring you joy and that inspire you. I have not updated the board for a couple years and it has become a layered mess of photos, paint swatches, and magazine articles.

Inspiration boards should bring you excitement, not be a hot mess.  So, I took down everything off my inspiration board and I am starting over.  So, what goes on an inspiration board?  Any of the following that you like that helps motivate you, or that you are proud of, or catches your eye, that you want to accomplish, that you love, etc.…

Items that could go on a board:



Photos (family, friends, places)

Places you want to go to or have gone that make you happy (mementos)

Art (art postcards, paintings, etc.)

Color or paint swatches that you love or the colors you like (or colors you want to use in your house)

Quotes (powerful, inspiring, positive, quotes) or saying, Bible verses, etc. 

Memories (I keep a photo of my grandfather and a card with his writing on my board)

Magazine pictures

These are just a few ideas or suggestions.  Think about what you want to do, accomplish, what brings you joy, etc.  And try to find items that represent those aspects.  Dig through Pinterest, magazines, photos, etc.  My board is going to take a few days to create again, or it might take a few weeks.  I want to intentionally fill it with inspiration for 2022.  I will spend days/weeks thinking, planning, and looking for items to put on the board.  Hope that you can find inspiration to help motivate you heading into 2022.

Below is a picture of my board before I took everything off. Looking forward to seeing it completed with new ideas, memories, and inspiration!

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