You’ve Got Mail

I love this movie and more importantly, the phrase itself.  Every time, I open our mailbox during the month of December, I say this phrase.  Besides bills and junk mail, holiday cards are a blessing! I am so touched by others when they send them to us.  We send out dozens of them as well.  I don’t expect cards in return but it’s fun to get them.

The art of letter writing or corresponding via mail per a pen pal, you don’t see much of anymore.  I have a few older relatives that still send letters and their penmanship is beautiful.  Cards are becoming less and less as well with the cost of cards and postage.  Instead, we tend to send birthday texts or social media postings instead of using cards or letters.  It is quicker, cheaper, and easier.  I get it. 

I make a goal each year to send more cards, write meaningful messages and I end up not doing it.  Not sure if many people care but I remember getting birthday cards in the mail from my grandparents (who lived less than a mile from me) each year, with sticks of gum in it. In the summers, as an elementary-age kid, I had a few pen pals and we would write letters. That was a highlight, getting mail. 

When it comes to Christmas cards, I love getting them in the mail and seeing how much children have grown, seeing their pictures, and learning about their past year as many send updates, newsletters, or additional information.  We like to display our cards and bought marquee sticks (which will double as a word marquee) when the holidays are over, but what a fun way to display the cards!

I know they take money and time.  For some, cards are great.  For others, setting up photoshoots, getting coordinating clothing, etc. with planning that starts back in August or September for many is a lot of time and work.  But the end result is a lovely holiday card that is shared with family and friends. 

My grandmother saves all cards and has for over 50 years.  She then puts them in scrapbooks which she still has.  Below is one of my favorite holiday cards she had made for Christmas back in the early 1970s.  I love the design, color, the characters, and how nostalgic. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday week filled with time with family, relaxing, eating good food, attending church, and finding time to reflect and honor the holiday.

Here is our Christmas card for 2021 and hope you get some mail!  Or maybe send a letter or card to someone this week. 

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