Changing of Seasons

Decorate Smarter, Not Harder… the changing of seasonal decor

I love to decorate for the holidays but I will be honest, it was much more fun when my kids were really little (now add in a 1 year old). I’m hoping she gets just as excited with each season or holiday change. The boys loved it when I pulled out the jack-o-lanterns or the Christmas tree lights. They loved the glow of the lights and the excitement the various holidays and seasons bring. Today, they are not near as excited but now Ada will share in this excitement. Now, with a 1 year old comes limited decorating opportunities as we have to put items higher up, out of reach and she destroys the house. But decorating (no matter what stage in life) takes time and money, which many people lack either or both.

The question becomes:

“So, how can I decorate for different holidays and seasons without spending a tremendous amount of time and a small fortune?” 

I have been told from time to time, “work smarter, not harder” and this holds true with everything that I do in the home and with work.  So after more thought, some digging and some looking on Pinterest, I came up some ways to quickly, cheaply, yet tastefully change out décor per each season or holiday. 

  • I love wooden signs so I need to use them!  The sign that says Gather can stay up all year, but put it front and center during fall.  The sign about love, it can stay up all year, but move it to a very visible spot in January and February.  So, I buy and make signs that I love but I can use all year round, and I just move them around the house.  Get your bang for your buck here.  Invest in a couple of pictures, signs, etc. that you LOVE and can use all year round but in different ways. 
  • Decorate by color: after Christmas, I have out all the red stuff, glass, etc.  I try to buy on clearance red decor items so I can use them from Nov.-Feb., Christmas through Valentines.  I do the same with blues in the spring and through summer with the 4th of July.  Blue dishes, blue candles, etc. They make me think of the summer, 4th of July, and the beach (water).  I can keep those items out from April to Aug.  I bought most of my blue dishes for $10 or less at antique stores, flea markets, etc.  Plus, they are one of my favorite collections.   
  • Bring out your collections!  We all love to collect certain kinds of objects.  Use them during a seasons or two, and put them on display.  Like my collection of blue dishes or horse racing glasses and ribbons.  I also collect silver pieces (trophies and loving bowls) so I keep those out year round.  They hold battery operated candles, Christmas ornaments, candy at birthday parties, etc. 
  • I love colored books (I have a blog post devoted to decorating with colored books).  They are pretty, easy to use and versatile.  I sell them at the shop (and online) and love seeking out bold colors like yellow, bright blue, or green books.  Red books can be used for multiple seasons (Christmas, Valentines, and 4th of July).  Buying one or two sets of red books is a great way to change up your rooms and get long use out them seasonally.  You can even mix red and blue books or red and green books during different seasons. 

Below are some pictures of my decor transitioning from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. Simple but makes a statement and love using my collections.

My advice to you is to pick out a few items you love, that bring you joy, that make you happy and find ways to use them year-round.   For me, it is wooden signs, dishes, silver bowls and colored books. Then grab a couple sets of colored books, candles, pictures/signs, etc. that you can use and add to when you decorate.  Pull out that collection, and put it on display.  Move items around every 3 months or so.  And remember, decorate smarter, not harder (and cheaper). 

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