One year ago, from today…

One year ago, from today, I was in the hospital.

One year ago, from today, COVID hindered everything (and still does to a degree).

One year ago, from today, I had an emergency surgery for an infection just 9 days after having a baby.

One year ago, from today, I was told that I and my 9-day old baby had MRSA.

One year ago, from today, I was also being treated for preeclampsia, receiving a blood transfusion and 4 different IVs going into my arms.  (I could not hold my newborn baby)

One year ago, from today, I was told that I would be on a wound vac, had wound therapy 3 days a week, and would live for months with a 7 inch long, 1inch deep open wound on my lower stomach.

I was scared to death.

That was one of the scariest, painful, stressful, anxious-filled times of my life.  When people (even today) ask me about it, I normally start to immediately cry.  Tears just stream down my face as it seems like yesterday and all the pain and fear flood my memory. 

But with the amazing support of my husband (who stayed by our sides) took care of the baby and me.  Family and friends brought us food, helped watch Ada so I could go to wound therapy (my wound had to be opened, cleaned, checked and dressed) and many checked in on us to make sure we were doing ok (physically, mentally and emotionally).  I am so grateful for all of you!

This was not the birthing nor newborn experience I was expecting but guess what?  As of today, and for many, many months, we are healthy, we are stronger, and we both are thriving.  Ada is doing amazingly well but will be getting ear tubes at the end of the month.  But she is happy, healthy, and almost ready to walk!  I have spent the whole last year trying to slow down (I had no choice), work on my physical health, and let go of some other responsibilities as my plate was too full.  It was hard to leave some of the organizations, responsibilities, etc that I had been maintaining for years (or decades) but in the end, my recovery has taken months and months. 

As of today, we are stronger and continue to grow from this journey.  My body will never be the same after that experience, but after months of lifting, running, and rowing, I am the healthiest and strongest that I have ever been (working towards running a 5K this spring).  Which I love to work out, it is my therapy.  My time is better scheduled, organized, and prioritized but I still struggle to say no at times, but I am getting better.  Time is so valuable.  Spending time with our children and our family is a priority; watching Ada grow is a priority; building meaningful relationships with our children is a priority.    We are blessed and fortunate to have this time together and I am grateful for making it through an incredibly rough pregnancy and birthing journey. We decided to grow and learn from it.  Today, we are stronger, healthier, and better.

Below are some photos from this time.

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