The Shop

I love the movie “You’ve Got Mail” which is based on the story called “Shop Around the Corner”.  Either way, I love the enchanting children’s bookstore that is nestled into the heart of New York City where the movie takes place.  I was disappointed to learn that this store really does not exist, and it is actually a dry clearing business that has taken over the physical store location.  The store was made-up, just for the movie.  However, what I noticed in the movie, is the love, pride, and dedication that the main character put into being the owner of that shop. 

I don’t technically own a shop but have a small part of a Print Shop where I stock my boutique and gift items. Rosemary and Lemons started out taking up 4×4 feet in the front of Webb Printing (Winamac, IN) due to the owner graciously not caring if I put items out for sale. That space has now grown to half of the front of the shop over the past 4 years. I wanted to provide the local community with a place they could get cute and reasonable gifts, fun items, and home décor without leaving town, without spending a fortune.

I love this little shop/space however, I have completely neglected it this past year due to working two jobs (I am a department head and assistant professor at a college, and I also am a coordinator for a veteran’s court program, with a family).  There sometimes is not enough hours in the day.  So the store goes to the wayside. 

This year, I am putting more time, energy, and dedication into the store.  It needs to grow, it needs to evolve, it needs to be reinvented.  I love this shop.  I love the time, work, and dedication I have put into it over the years and appreciate the space and the help of my sweet friend who helps those who come in to purchase items.  The shop has expanded to include numerous gift items but also shirts, teas, candles, books, jewelry, bags, etc.  Also some vintage items are scattered about. 

I am hoping I will be able to see it grow if I put in the time and work needed to make it flourish.  More marketing, more advertising, more time on weekends, etc.  Over the years, I have done retail surveys to see what people want, will buy, etc. I need to update or be more mindful of my inventory, prices, and store hours.    

Here are some updated photos of the overhaul of cleaning, sorting, and re-stocking of the shop this past weekend.  The shop is located in Webb Printing, Winamac, IN, open from 8-5 (EST), M-F, and closed at lunch (12-1).  Look for the store Facebook page at Rosemary and Lemons.  Thank you to those who have supported my shop.   Look for new updates, changes, and pop in some time!

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