What is Love

I am not sure what you think of when you hear the word “love”.  That is a pretty heavy word that evokes a lot of thought and emotion.  Some people have very happy, whimsical, joy, comfort, security, as emotions tied to the word love while others have hurt, pain, anxiety, bitterness, anger, etc. Love is a word rooted in deep passion, action, and deep emotion. For many, that emotion controls them or drives them to act, lovingly or not lovingly (act in love).   

My perception or understanding of the word love has changed over the years; I have grown, changed, failed, succussed, expanded, and have learned (and continue to learn) more about this word each day.  My children, my husband, my family, and my friends, have all taught me about love.  But for me, I think that love is about selflessness; deep connections; respect for each other; contentment and joy;  being able to completely bare your soul to someone who gets you; a strong bond to another person; my person. 

It may be easier for many of us to define what love is not. I would argue love is not verbal abuse; not caring for others; selfishness; manipulation (manipulating someone into a relationship); love is not money; love is not material wealth; love isn’t driven by anger, bitterness, envy, or pride (ego).  None of these words or actions shows love or what most would define as part of a healthy relationship nor do any of these actions bring joy or contentment to anyone’s life.   I am not sure if you can feel joy if you cannot love.  I am not sure if you feel contentment if you cannot love (or show gratitude).   

As you think about love, it doesn’t have to mean couples, marriages, boyfriends, girlfriends, chocolates, flowers, etc.  It can mean just showing others love and kindness.   

So today, with Valentine’s Day on Monday, my hope is that you have spent a weekend just being happy, calm, or content.  Or maybe spending time with family and friends or helping someone in need or helping cheer someone up.  Really love is about kindness.  It is about giving.  It is about being selfless.  Go show someone some love and have a restful Sunday!


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