Going the Distance

I set a goal last year, prior to having the baby, in the winter of 2020 that I would like to run a 5k in 2021.  That was a goal.  Little did I know that having the baby, having major complications would set my health and body back by months and months.  Working out, running, lifting, etc. had to go on the wayside and it wasn’t until I was cleared by my doctor (and I felt less pain) that I could slowly start working out again.

Working out and running are like therapy to me which many of you can relate to.  It is my time and I enjoy consistency and routine.  So, running and working out is something I do 7 days a week.  Very hard at times with a baby but I get up most days at 5 am or earlier so I can get a workout and/or a long run.  I like working out in the mornings, I am a morning person.  There is something gratifying about seeing 400 calories burned before 5:45 am.

I don’t feel like a runner.  I have family members who run 13 miles while I struggle to build up to a 5K.  But I have been told that it is mind over matter.  So, if I want to be a runner, then I need to think and act like a runner and that means consistently running. 

This whiteboard now serves for tracking my running and walking which I started a few weeks ago.  The green writing is miles in running and black is walking at an incline in miles.  Between a 5K and a trip to Arizona this spring that includes a lot of uphill hiking, I wanted to be ready for both.  Running tends to happen in the morning and walking in the evening (a great way to decompress and my legs feel so much better after walking).  This past week, I logged 27 miles between running and walking. 

At the end of the day, I going to get this 5k in this year.  I am going to keep up consistently with my running because it is good for me mentally and physically.  Consistency and determination are good character builders.  Growing in health, strength, and endurance doesn’t happen with one day a week runs or workouts and poor eating habits, it happens with daily devotion to a better, healthier me. 

This spring, in April or May, I will run that 5k.  To the best of my ability.  I will start it and finish it, running.  To all of you working on your health, keep going, keep up the good work, keep the determination to be healthier and stronger.   Track your goals and your workouts/runs.  We will go the distance together. 

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