In Need of Spring

Maybe, I am too impatient, or I need to move somewhere warmer, but I am in need of spring. I’ve lost count of which winter relapse we are in or which fool’s spring (welcome to Indiana).  I need green grass, leaves on trees, slightly warmer temperatures, sunshine, and flowers to bloom.  I need spring.  Don’t we all?

April showers bring May flowers.  Agree, we need rain but day after day of rain, grey skies, and cold temperatures, not so much.  Over spring break, I normally find mushrooms.  The woods are slightly greened up, the temperatures are moderate and many who like to look for mushrooms can find sponge ones around this time.  But from my three trips to the woods, the ground is still brown with leaves, there is little to no greening up of plants, and there is hardly any vegetational growth.  The woods is a sea of brown and beige.    

My husband reported that he was mowing the first week of April last year.  I potted flowers in late March.  The yard hasn’t greened up much.  My potted, hardy flowers are struggling to keep up in the cold wind and random snow.   Buds are just now starting on some trees but even that is limited.  It looks and feels as if we are 2 to 3 weeks behind in our changing of the season. 

I find myself moving a little slower on a grey day.  Sunshine brings joy to the soul.  It brings energy, happiness, and optimism.  Warmth brings healing, relaxation, and calmness.  Both of which we are tremendously lacking and the forecast for this week doesn’t look any better.  However, I can’t control the weather.  But I can control my perspective. 

So, a week of grey skies will be combated with a cheery attitude (to the best of my ability); lots of coffee (stocking up now), and knowing that sunshine and warmth are coming.  Enjoy the sunshine today.  Enjoy the ability to be outside, take walk, or sit by a fire.  Take in the sunshine, soak it in.

Here are too grey skies; may your week be filled with rest, optimism, and lots of caffeine.   

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