Project Snack Bar

Our basement is a busy place and is consistently being used.  The finished first floor (that is what I call it) consists of a large playroom/workout space, TV and couch, a bedroom, an office/workout room (my space), bathroom, laundry, and utility room.  The floors are heated and we are so glad that our contractor insisted on that feature being added to the house.  Then you have a walkout sliding door to the patio.  I designed this space to be more of a recreation space.  It has turned into a man cave of sorts, but I still retain my office/workout space.  The teenage son has taken over this floor but we all still use it, a lot.

To add to the man-cave, we put a mini-frig by the TV and for Easter, the kids got a large popcorn maker which went downstairs (much like that of a carnival popcorn maker).  When the kids have friends over, this is the space they play, watch movies and stay for the night.  So, I decided it would be nice to have a space for snacks, popcorn, drinks, etc.  A high bar with stools, etc. where you can see the TV and eat but also keep food/snacks in one area.  Between campfires, corn hole, a gaming station, basketball hoops, and now a snack bar, we might not see our 14-year-old son again. 

This space/wall in the basement is unused.  It makes sense to take unused space and make it purposeful.  A cabinet had sat there for a year; some random pictures on the wall, but no one really used this area and I dusted it and ignored it.  Taking space and making it meaningful and purposeful is one of my passions.   Making it into an area/space that everyone will use and serve a purpose is very rewarding!

So, I started with a wall space that could be painted which this small wall and area are unused.  The deep grey paint took two coats as the walls in our house are so dry because of the newness of the home and the dryness of the home. The counter is a poplar wood stained in a Jacobean stain which matches all the stains in the house.  It is my favorite wood stain color.  We purchased industry shelf mounts for the top of the wood counter. 

As of today, the counter has been stained, the wall painted twice (needs some touch up) and black metal bar stools (2) have been ordered. A neon snack light is coming.  We are so excited to have this space updated and our children are pumped for movie nights and having friends over. Hoping to finish by this week and will share photos.  What I like about this small project because it creates a space that is purposeful, easy to complete, and fairly cheap to do.   Don’t be scared or ignore small unused spaces in your home.  They can really be a purposeful and functional area for your family.  I spent some time on Pinterest getting ideas/inspiration.  But at the end of the day, it was a simple and affordable update that will get great use from the family.     

Will share the finished pictures next week! Have a great week!

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