The Arizona Desert

A quick and great trip out west to Tucson which was amazing. We love Tucson and the resort we stay at, the landscape, the food, the sun, and the heat. Here is a short recap of our trip which started out with our flights being canceled out of O’Hare and we were 1 hour from leaving to drive up to the airport. Talk about a frustrating experience that seems more and more common now. We got a full refund on our flight (not a voucher, I would not take a voucher) and we were able to book flights out of Indianapolis that left an hour earlier and returned about 12 hours later than what we had previously booked. The flights cost us more, but it worked.

We rushed to Indianapolis caught the flight and flew into Phoenix and then drove about 1.5 hours to Tucson. Tucson is a great city! Surrounded on two sides by the Saguaro National Park, the area is filled with bike trails, hiking, parks, great restaurants, and lots of outdoor activities. The saguaro cactus (which is the large, tall, traditional-looking cactuses) line the roads, landscape, parks, and mountains. The sunsets are amazing, and the sky is always blue.

The Wyndham Grand Resort is a wonderful place to stay and provides a lot of great views of the mountains. It consists of suites, multiple pools, a tennis club, horseback riding, a great workout facility, a restaurant, live music at night, trails, and many other amenities.

We are hoping to take the kids in the future. The heat will challenge us all (76 degrees by 6 am in the morning and 98 by 10 am) but such a beautiful yet harsh landscape filled with life. The kids have not seen a saguaro cactus in person (they have in botanical gardens) but to see thousands of them is awesome. To look at them up close and see how old they are, and to understand their strength and resilience to the dry, hot weather is pretty amazing.

Upon return, it happened to jump from maybe 1 week of spring straight to summer.  Welcome to Indiana… Excited to be home but we can’t wait to go back! 

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