Summer Goals 2022

Each summer I set out with a number of goals.  Some are personal while others relate to our children/family as a whole.  I am sure some people think I am crazy for even setting summer goals but I am a type-A person, routine, structured, highly self-motivated, and goal orientated.  Goals help me grow as a person and help me use my time wisely.  Some of these goals have been part of larger goals set in January, such as running a 5 K this year.  Some goals have needed more work, more time, and more devotion.  See my list below. 

Health and running: I enjoy working out, running, and being active.  Since Christmas, I have been building up my running so I could take part in a 5K this summer.  On June 4th, I am running the Sunburst, and love the fact that ends on Norte Dame’s campus and you run into the stadium.  My husband is happy about this and he/Ada will be there to cheer me on.  I spend 5 days a week running and lifting.  This is my therapy.  I have learned that the older you get, the more work it takes to be healthy and in shape.  I swear I can just look at a milkshake and put on 3 pounds.  And if I drink one, it takes 2 weeks to lose 3 pounds.  Being older just means I have to work harder.  Consistency is key as working out or running 1 day a week or randomly, does nothing.  I will keep working, pushing, and getting stronger (for my kids and for myself).

4-H: this goal includes survival for all.  As the boys take multiple projects and I plan on entering in the open class.  Working on projects, attending 4-H meetings, working with livestock, working on record forms, reading all the rules, getting all the supplies, going into the 4-H system and confirming all projects, livestock, my DNA (just joking, but seriously) no wonder this seems incredibly intimidating to new 4-H families.  I was the 4-H Youth Educator and Extension Director for my county for almost 8 years, I know the ins and outs and still worry about messing it up.  But we will work now on projects, not at the last minute, plus the fair comes early this year.  Sanity, lots of sanity is needed. 

Travel: this goal includes making time to organize and plan trips and experiences for my family which I think is very important.  Even just day trips to places (museums, state parks, gardens, etc.) is a great way to build memories and provide exposure.  French Lick is on the list this summer, I have to attend and present at a national conference in Kansas City, and a possible trip to Springfield, IL.  Short trips, limited driving (Ada hates her car seat at the moment), and the price of gas is not helping.  But this is how memories are made.  I usually need a vacation after the vacation. But we are looking forward to adventures and making memories.

Home: to finish the snack bar is a must, we are almost there.  I am working on a gallery wall in my office.  White, blank walls leave room for lots of creativity.  I have been stockpiling pictures, photos, frames, and vintage finds for months for the wall.  We are hoping to put in a small fireplace this fall/winter in our living room as well.  A small, contemporary unit (not an insert) that we found that will look amazing and provide heat/flame.  We have some other ideas and needs for the house as well.  Any home, even a new home, is hard to keep up, especially in the country with dust, wind, weather, etc. 

Work/to Read: I just finished a batch of books this spring and started a new set about a month ago.  I usually read 4-6 books at a time and then end them all simultaneously.  I love to read and more so enjoy the physical book instead of reading on my iPad but I do have some e-books that I have worked through and audiobooks are amazing which I listen to on my way to work and back.  In the summer, I try to read more “fun” books and not for work.  Books about the Kennedys, the British royal family, and other historical topics of interest.  Some home design and landscape/plant historical books as well.  They are my idea of fun, maybe not others. 

I hope your summer is filled with some downtime, memory-making, and time with family/friends.  It goes so fast!  If you set goals, I wish you the best of luck!  If you don’t set goals, I hope you have a fun-filled summer!  Cheers to the summer, sunshine, and summer goals!

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