Fair 2022

“I came, I saw, I conquered.” Jay Z

Another 4-H Fair has come and gone, and we survived.  We may not have conquered, but survival is the goal.  The fair to me, singles that the summer is almost halfway done which is crazy, because I feel like summer has just started.  Time flies…

The boys showed the most pigs they have ever shown.  They were more responsible, more engaged and did more work which is good and part of the process as they grow in older.  To take responsibility.  To take ownership.  To work, engage, and help others.  It takes a village to show animals at a fair.  It is a lot of work, time, and commitment. 

We could not show pigs without the help of our uncle Robert and his love of show pigs and his ability to be very patient with the boys.  My husband is a consistent helper and supporter as well.  We could not show pigs without them both.  As pigs need prepared for the arena, need in and out of pens, getting the pig to the arena (we had to take 3 turns, pigs don’t always like to turn), watered, fed, and keep moving, it takes 2-3 people (adults), all day long.

The Fair for me is about watching the kids grow in responsibility, watching them have fun and display their projects and hard work; for them to help others get their pig to the wash rack or turned to go to their pen; learning how to better show the pig next year; how to improve on their poster project, or what they can do to be more competitive.  They learn, they grow more each year. 

Here is to all the families that came, saw, and conquered the fair this year and survived.  You rocked it!  You survived and made memories in the process.  Being in 4-H takes a lot of work for families and parents. Kids cannot do without you.  Thank you to all the volunteers, families and community who help put on the fair and the animal shows.  You are appreciated. 

Until the next fair, may you continue to conquer and survive.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Long, Live Summer (with no more pig chores!)      

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