Snack Bar Take II

One of our summer projects was to work on a snack bar in our basement for the kids to use when they have friends over, for birthday parties, etc.  After a lot of searching on Pinterest, a couple of simple ideas that were cost-effective came to mind.  A simple bar, chairs, a mini-refrigerator, some paint, and prints from ESTY helped it all come together.  The total cost (with the prints) was around $200. 

The wall was white and needed some color. We chose dark grey which we thought would go with some Norte Dame-type pictures or photos. 

The bar is made from popular that has been stained.  Brackets were purchased to hold up the bar top.  Very simple, easy to construct, and easy to clean. 

The black stools were ordered from Home Depot and came as a set.  Even better was the fact that they came assembled. 

ESTY has lots of great ND memorabilia and poster art.  Some are pricier than others. I also didn’t want a digital download so having the prints made and sent (they are copies) was a little more in price.  The frames are from Hobby Lobby ($10 each at 50% off).  I will never pay full price for a frame, ever.

The snack neon light was on Amazon and was around $30.  I did not have high expectations when I ordered it, but it is well made and works great. 

Now it is filled with snacks and ready for a birthday party!  Snack bar take II turned out awesome.  One summer goal down, a few more to go. 

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