Terrarium 101

Terrariums have become very popular over the past year or two.  I love the look and the idea of having a little container of nature in my house.   

Succulents have become my favorite plants due to the fact that I can keep them alive and they are easy to care for.  Terrariums are a great way to bring nature inside within the context of an enclosed glass or plastic container.  They are interesting, fun to make, and also kind of whimsical to have in the home. 

What I used for this simple terrarium:

  • Glass jar and remove the lid (from Dollar Store or Walmart, $5.99)
  • Potting soil
  • Decorative small gravel (any greenhouse or Hobby Lobby, usually in the fairy garden section, or craft selection).
  • Rocks that I have collected over the years.
  • Succulents (or small air ferns, plants, that need little watering, do well in the sun, etc.)
  • Paint brush or a rag (dry).

I started with putting about 3 inches of soil into the jar and then wiping the dust/soil off the inside of the jar.  Using a rag or dry paintbrush to constantly clean the inside of the jar is key.  Then I purchased three succulents and put them into the jar.  Lightly covering them and moving the soil around, then dusting again. 

I inserted the larger rocks, utilized the grey and pink gravel, and dusted again.  So simple and easy to do.  I water it sparingly and it looks amazing.  The kids even find it fun to check in from time to time.  The total project cost me about $20.  Some Walmarts have terrarium kits as well.  This would be fun to do with friends or have a terrarium-making party.  A super easy, fun project that even I can keep alive. 

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