Summer House Projects

An update on summer house projects and the commitment to putting holes in our walls…

When the summer started, we made a list of house and family goals that we hoped to accomplish.  Some of those goals included outside projects like fruit trees, a concrete pad, and patio updated.   While some projects in the house included finishing the snack bar and some wall hanging projects.  This leads me to the fact that I hate putting holes in our walls. 

We have a home that is almost 5 years old and we have lots of open wall space.  But the thought of holes, power tools, nails, screws, etc. makes me so nervous.  Once it goes in, it can’t be undone (it can be removed but there remains a hole).  And there is little room for error.  Hence, the industrial pipe shelf…

One of our children needed more shelf space to show and display his rocks, Legos, and collections and I love the look of a large pipe shelf but had never bought a kit.  So, I purchased a 3-shelf kit for $70  from Amazon and the assembly was pretty easy.  We purchased three 6-foot boards from Home Depot and I stained them deep brown.  The wood was $57.  But what threw me for a loop was that we were going to put 48 screws into the wall!

Each metal pipe attachment to the wall, consists of 4 screws!  There are 12 of them total.  Holy moly on a commitment to a wall project.  But after the first set went in, we were committed.  And it turned out great.  Take a look below at the before and after photos.  I would do another industrial pipe shelf and they are relativity easy to put together, cost-effective, quick to do, but you have to commit to the holes in the wall.

We also did a photo ledge over our bed.  I LOVE IT and more screws in the wall.  But with a photo ledge, instead of hanging a bunch of photos, it is only the ledge that gets screwed to the wall.  It really adds to our bedroom.  I am still working on a story wall in my office.  I will finish that up this fall (more holes in the wall).  I want our home to tell a story and for me, that is with photos, pictures, prints, etc.  Our home has a personality and it is ours.  But it takes putting some holes in the wall.  

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