To the State Fair

We are off and running to the Indiana State Fair today. We try to go each year and with football, school, work, life, etc. time is getting away from us. We are hoping for a cool and cloudy weather, low attendance and no traffic (wish us luck).

My history with the State Fair goes back to my time in 4-H and my first college internship at the State Fair in the communication department. I learned so much as a communication intern that summer from writing press releases, assisting local news/media for story spotlights, covering numerous shows, writing for publications, and much more! I loved my time at the State Fair.

Today, our goal is to make it around the grounds, see Tanner’s 4-H project, not get rained on, let everyone eat something they want from the Fair, and see at least one thing they want to see. Our travel bag (aka bookbag/diaper bag) is stocked with diapers, snacks, Advil, water, toys, etc kid clothing, etc. A stop for caffeine (aka Starbucks) is required by me.

Those who have ventured out to the Fair and those still going, I hope you have a wonderful time and make some memories! I pray for little traffic, good weather, and lots of caffeine for you!

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