Labor Day

Why do we celebrate Labor Day?

September 5th is Labor Day but what is it, why do we celebrate it and how was it founded?  For many of us, it marks the end of summer and the start of school or the fall season.  For others, it’s nothing more than a day off.  But this federal holiday has great historical meaning to many hard-working Americans. 

At the turn of the century, due to many horrific labor conditions, unfair wages, etc. protests started to spring up throughout numerous industrial communities.  Those who were poor, immigrants, children (young and the old), and others worked incredibly long hours, in horrible and unsafe working conditions and with little pay.  These strikes were often plagued with violence and even death.  Two pivotal strikes included the Haymarket Riot of 1886 and Pullman Palace Car Company (1894).   Both of which took place in Chicago.

American workers were determined to be heard and valued for their work.  As a result of these numerous strikes, labor laws were put into place to protect workers and Labor Day became a day of celebration and rest for many. 

Today is for you to those who get up each day, go to work and work hard to provide for themselves, their families, and their communities.  I truly believe that all who can work should.  When people work and have a purpose, they tend to be happier, self-supportive, contribute and give to others, and have a fuller life.  Most people need purpose.  A reason to think outside of themselves.  I understand that many people don’t like their jobs or hate what they do, but still get up and do it every day.  Hard work ethic is the foundation of our American economy. 

My hope is that those who can work, that are not working or contributing to society, find the motivation to go into the workforce and help build our economy and communities.  Many did not return to work after COVID, and our supply logistic systems and overall economy have suffered. 

Labor Day is for you, the hard-working American who gives of themselves, who contributes to society, and gets up each day with a purpose and goes to work.  I hope today, is a day of rest for you.  For you to know your hard work is appreciated.  For you to know your work and purpose are valued. 

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