Long Live the Queen

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is tomorrow and I can’t help but write a short blog/tribute to her as a queen, leader, mother, grandmother, head of state, and the list could go on and on. Her many, many roles and responsibilities are beyond my understanding but this strong, hardworking woman set an example for numerous generations when it came to duty, devotion, and again, hard work.

Queen Elizabeth is described and portrayed in books, movies, documentaries, and in the media as a steadfast and consistent foundation of English leadership and monarchy. The traditions and rituals of monarchy have been challenging and hard to uphold, maintain, and follow as it has put her in a challenging position with her family, her children and grandchildren at the expense of trying to keep the monarchy together, intact, and moving forward.

As I have read numerous books and have watched countless documentaries about the royal family, I have developed a deep respect for the Queen. Her job as a monarchy has not gone with pain, challenges, and sacrifices to her children and family. She had, at all times, put duty above all. She was an amazingly strong woman surrounded by advisors and courts that consisted of men who felt she could not lead or didn’t know how (at the age of 25) but she did and continued to prove them wrong. 15 prime misters walked through her doors not to mention tremendous change, upheaval, scandal and loss. The Queen kept the monarch together.

Important and impactful men and woman cast a big shadow, leave big shoes to fill, and not one can match up to her abilities and strength. The phrase, keep calm and carry on was put into use during WWII but the Queen’s parents as London has blitzed by the Germans. This quote holds true today for many around the world and also the royal family as they pay tribute to an amazing woman. Long live the queen and keep calm and carry on.

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