Never too early…

Research shows that decorating your home early for Christmas and other holidays, makes people happier. I agree and love to put up our holiday decorations at the end of October. Bring on the holidays!

If you are an early decorator, you are my people. For one thing, decorating takes me a couple weekends, in phases. It takes a lot of time. And if I’m putting a lot of time into it, I want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Plus it does lift moods, creates a whimsical space and it it provides for beautiful lighting.

I do get teased. But I don’t care. For those who want to put up decorations for a few weeks and take them back down, go for it. I’m going to enjoy mine as long as possible. To those early decorators, I’m with you. Let’s spread some early Christmas joy! And yes, we do celebrate Thanksgiving. I don’t decorate for it but I’m thankful for my Christmas decorations.

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