Wintering Early

Too Soon to Hate the Cold…

I have heard so many people talk about hating the season of winter, snow, cold, wind, etc. already and it’s only November 20th!  It’s not technically winter yet and we have a long couple of months to go. 

Seasons are part of life.  We all know that winter will come; that shorter days will come; that cold will come; so why do we fight it?  Why do we challenge it with thoughts of depression, sadness, and frustration?  When we know it is coming?

I may be one of those people who likes snow (hate me now) and I like the changing of the seasons which mark changes in our lives, time, relationships, activities etc.  I welcome winter, I welcome the cold, I welcome the dark.  Because of three factors:

It is not avoidable.  It is like being made that the sun is shining in July.  It is not preventable, so mentally and emotionally prepare for darker days, grey skies, and coldness.

Winter is time to slow down, to rest more, find slowness and peace.  For some of us who go a 1000 miles per minute, this season is welcomed by those who need to rest, slow down, step away from long work days, from demands of work and family, to find rest.

It is a time to find peace.  To reflect, be still, find peace within ourselves, our purpose, our roles in life, etc.  To reflect and learn. To grow.

Cold, snow, and wind may have come a little earlier than normal this year but it is how you choose to fight it or embrace it that will define how you weather this season.  My hope for you is that you embrace it.  You don’t have to love snow or cold but accept that this is a season you will walk through, you will embrace and make the best of it in the midst of your life. 

Welcome to wintering.

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