Readers Become Leaders

“I cannot live without books.”  Thomas Jefferson, 1815, in a letter to John Adams.

As a small child and through elementary school, I was a poor reader.  I remember being in low-reading classes, struggling to sound out words, and I didn’t like to read.  It was hard.  I would stumble through words, not making proper phonic sounds, and was embarrassed. 

Sometime, late high school and into early college, I found British Literature and fell in love.  Then I started to read like a mad woman.  As I took more literature and history courses, the more I was required to read, and the more I loved the authors, the storylines, the linguistic styles, the substance, and the appreciation for a good story.  Especially when I could learn and grow from it. 

Today, I hope to instill in my children that same love that has been challenging with electronics, their own interest which is not in reading, but I still expose, and model those behaviors and I think as they get older, they will grow to love reading as well. 

While giving Ada her bath, I read to her.  She is a captured audience.  We are fortitude that we have lots of books for all ages due to the boys and she has a growing library.  Before she was born, I bought a Jackie Kennedy children’s book.  I admire Jackie Kennedy and have read every biography published about her.  When I saw this children’s book, I had to get it.  Not that my daughter has to love Jackie Kennedy, but that she can look to strong, smart women, who liked to read and hopefully admire them someday. 

When I think about people like Thomas Jefferson and Jackie Kennedy; these two people have lots of admirable and not-so-admirable qualities, but both loved books and reading.  That is one reason I look to them.  They were both hard-working, and intelligent, served their country in leadership, loved art, had impeccable taste and loved to read. I believe that people become better people and can learn much about themselves from reading.

Readers are leaders.

Reading helps you see the world differently.  Helps you understand yourself, and those around you, and how to think, grow and expand your mind. My hope for the holidays is to spend more time reading.  Pick up a good book, find a cozy blanket and sit down and read.

My husband got me an early Christmas gift of a Kindle E-Reader.  Game changer!  I love it!  It is different to read on a screen instead of a physical paper/book but I can put dozens of books on this tiny device and it fits in my purse.     Below are some photos of the Jackie Kennedy book and some of Ada’s favorite reads.  Here are a few of my favorite books that I am working through.  Have a warm and restful week!   Pick up a good book!

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