An Advocate for Purpose

I am purpose-driven, if you cannot tell. That purpose is about serving others or using your talents. That is why you are here on this earth. It is also called your why.

What is your purpose? What is your why? Your why or purpose is not the roles you act upon (I am a mom, a daughter, a writer, a teacher, etc.) it is what you do, what you give, what you provide, how you serve, what skills and abilities have you been blessed with or gifted with, and are you using them to fulfill your purpose?

Finding purpose is scary, it is the unknown.  It takes tremendous work and courage to learn, think, and grow in purpose.  Many people spend their lives with no purpose, no need, and no reason to give, help, serve others, or to use their talents and abilities.  How does this contribute to society?  How does this provide for personal growth?  

What purpose is not; often when asking what is my why and purpose, it does not start with seeking out what other people are doing/coping/competing; trying to become something you are not; not being truthful to yourself or others; nor is it heading down paths seeking self notoriety or glory; nor is it shaming or blessing/judging others.    This is not how you build or find purpose.  We all have the ability to be purposeful. 

Purpose, driven, determination, resolution, reason, function, rationale, devotion, dedication, and persistence. 

Social media makes it easy to slip into these patterns, ideas, and comparisons. But to really find your why or purpose, it will not happen from looking at social media. Or Pinterest. Or competing with others. It comes from deep reflectiveness. It comes from hard conversations. It comes from taking ownership of actions, words, ideas, etc. that are not positive; that have harmed others; hurt others; being untruthful to others and yourself; where you have been wrong; what you can do better, what did you learn; that you start to take ownership of your actions, words, thoughts, and can start to grow and dig deep into finding purpose. It takes time dedicated to reading, writing, thinking, reflecting, and working on your mind and body. Finding peace, making a mend, taking ownership of actions and words, focusing on what brings your joy, your talents, and how they can be used.

From growth, comes purpose.  From this process, the ability to think more deeply about purpose comes from this deep, mindful self-work.  WE all need purpose.  WE are all BETTER people when we have purpose.  Purpose is how you live, work, give, serve, etc.  Purpose is vital to many of us.  I wish it was vital to ALL of us.  Our society would be better, our relationships would be stronger, and our work would be improved.   This is why I am an advocate for purpose.

Purpose.  Vital.  Needed.  Serving others.  Giving to Others and to your Community.  What is your why?  What is your purpose?   

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