Spring Cleaning of the Soul

This past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday which kicks off the season of Lent.  Lent is observed in many Christian religions as a time to reflect upon our faith-based relationships; reflect on our own deeper purpose and connection to faith; and also the suffering and strife that was observed during this time Biblically. 

Because of these observations, many choose to give up something in observation/or honor of Lent.  Lent is 40 days leading up to Easter.  Some give up chocolate, meat, buying clothes, drinking pop, etc.  While a new trend is to do something kind each day or make donations.  Some collect canned goods for each day and donate after Easter.  Or others clean out items and make a donation (get rid of 1 item each day, keep a box by your back door).  All are great ideas!

When I was in church service on Wednesday, it was stated that Lent is the spring cleaning of the soul.  A time of reflection, deep thought, finding peace, and restoration.  As I have struggled for two months now to find peace (my word for 2023), this gave me some hope.  That making space for reflection, stillness, and peacefulness, can help restore my heart, mind, and soul.  Which I sorely need as a wife, mom, professional, friend, professor, and future dean. 

We spent Saturday in Chicago, celebrating Valentine’s Day and a birthday.  Driving in downtown Chicago does not restore my soul (sidenote) but we spent part of the day at AIRE Ancient Baths which is a combination of a spa, sauna, and pools (think Roman Bath) that varies temperatures and densities of salt all surrounded by dark marble, candlelight’s, no phones, a beautiful and calming experience.  Just sit, be still, and breathe deeply.  That did bring me some peace. 

For the lent season, I hope you find what restores your soul or helps to declutter your soul (mind, heart, etc.).  May this season, like all of life’s seasons, bring you peace, calm, and hope.

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