A Blog Break

I started the blog back in 2017 as a way to write, share and grow as a person. The blog has served me well and I think at times, it has served others. Writing my first blog post and hitting the post button was a scary experience as writing is a very vulnerable action. I will never forget that day and that feeling.

Rosemary and Lemons has changed, grown, served numerous purposes as an outlet about family, our home, leadership, parenting, interior design, and other topics I felt important to write about. So many of you have followed me with dedication over the years as 3,000 or more followers came to my blog annually. Thank you to each and every one of you.

I write this post to share that I will be taking a blog break. For a few weeks or at least till after Easter. My life has become very consumed with a new job transition in higher education, my current full-time professor position and the work I do for as a court program coordinator. I am just out of time, not enough hours in the day and I can’t find time, room or the passion I once had to write.

So a break is needed. To step away for a few weeks. I am hoping that helps give me time to think, reflect, and become more creative and inspired. Please keep checking back and thank you to all my followers. You are awesome.

Please check back after Easter and have a great Sunday!

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