Thank you so much for following my blog!  I have always dreamed of starting a blog.  I enjoy writing and capturing my thoughts on paper.  I learn more from my experiences through my  writings.  So this blog focuses on my life as a mom of two boys and a newborn daughter, a wife with a wonderfully supportive husband, a professional who is always looking to grow in leadership and through professional experiences, and my own battles with shopping and my own health.  This blog is truthful, raw and real.  I don’t sugarcoat and often can be heard saying “Suck it up, Buttercup”.

I do have  heart, I promise.  My life consists of working for our local Circuit Court doing juvenile programing and research.  I also teach at a local two-year private college due to my three degrees (and 14 years of college and school loans, groan….) One of my other dreams was to get a PhD which I attained in 2015 in Agriculture which I’m very proud of.

But my number one dream was being a mom.  I am not a perfect parent.  I doubt I ever will be but I am always looking for ways to grow in parenting, leadership, health, budgeting, and learning.

Thank you for following me!

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