When your child wants to save everything…

As you can see from my prior blog postings, I love to organization.  But I have child who does not.  I recently told him that the sight of his room, literally, puts me into a panic attack.  His response, “Mama, I think you are being a little dramatic and you’re still alive.”  I think heContinue reading “When your child wants to save everything…”

I Stepped on the Scales Today…

Today, at the local wellness center, I decided to step on the scales.  Like what you use at the doctor’s office.  I normally would take off every piece of clothing possible and shoes, hoping to lessen the load.  I know this has little impact but makes me feel better.  Those types of scales hide nothing. Continue reading “I Stepped on the Scales Today…”

Vacationing with Kids is not a Vacation

I love making memories with my kids.  I enjoy taking them places and sharing new experiences with them.  I hope these experiences have an impact on them as they continue to grow and learn about history, science, government, sports, civic service, etc.  However, that goes without saying that taking kids on trips is hard work!! Continue reading “Vacationing with Kids is not a Vacation”

Addicted to Organizing

  It’s true, I have a couple of addictions.  Step 1 is to confront the addiction which means to admit that I have one (or a couple).  So, my addictions include: Starbucks coffee, Jcrew clothing, and organizing (everything).  There, I admit it.  This blog post will focus on how I organize my home and life. Continue reading “Addicted to Organizing”

Taking a chance on a cabinet

I really like re-doing furniture.  I can visualize what pieces of furniture can look like with some TLC, basic cleaning and conditioning, and a fresh coat of paint or stain.  I love seeing the possibilities!  This all started with 4-H when I was involved in the Home Environment project.  We would purchase old furniture andContinue reading “Taking a chance on a cabinet”

Do I need a side hustle?

    With the New Years’ and buyer’s remorse as credit card bills roll in from December purchases, the need to look for more money making opportunities is at the top of the list for many.  Pinterest has a million and one posting about side jobs for anyone looking for part-time work or for stay-at-homeContinue reading “Do I need a side hustle?”

Are We Over Medicating Our Kids?

As I was helping check kids in for a summer camp, I noticed the line for the nurse continued to grow longer and longer.  Even after we were done checking in around 250 kids (ages 9-12) the nurses line was still 30 people deep. Each one had a zip lock bag with not one, butContinue reading “Are We Over Medicating Our Kids?”