The Sweetest French Shop and Touring Chicago from the River  

I love going to the city, but I like returning home even more.  We traveled to Chicago last weekend for one night to spend the day eating great food, doing a little shopping, taking a historical architecture boat tour (which is pretty amazing) and exploring some new shops.  On Instagram, I had come across aContinue reading “The Sweetest French Shop and Touring Chicago from the River  “

Purposeful Summer Projects

There are a lot of words, books, articles, blogs, etc. floating around that discuss how to live authentically or how to live a life of belonging, meaning, service or courageously (you can tell I read A LOT of leadership and self-development books).   I have decided to focus on living a life of purpose.  Purpose isContinue reading “Purposeful Summer Projects”

Celebrating 5 Years of Rosemary and Lemons!

WOW!!! This month marked a big milestone for Rosemary and Lemons, 5 years of blogs and a small shop.  I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this wonderful opportunity to share my life with all of you.   From blogs about parenting, travel, work to lifestyle blogs about home updates, interior design and homeContinue reading “Celebrating 5 Years of Rosemary and Lemons!”