Purging of all things that are Paper

I am swimming in paper. Papers from work, receipts, mail, magazines, newspapers, articles for reading, kids homework and artwork, bank statements, kid photos, financial documents, retirement documents, etc. I could go on and on. I am sure you can too! After I graduated with my PhD, I had plastic tubs of papers. I had toContinue reading “Purging of all things that are Paper”

Mudroom Mess take II

This is a follow-up from a prior post called Welcome to our Mudroom Mess which focused on our lack of space and organization when you enter our home from the garage. It was a space that is heavily used, tons of traffic, piles of coats, bags, shoes, etc. all ended up in this space. OnContinue reading “Mudroom Mess take II”

Welcome to our Mudroom Mess

When you enter our house from the garage (which is the main entry or the only entry with steps right now), you walk into a small space that is cluttered with coats, shoes, bulletin board, and mail. Not at all what I had envisioned when we built the house. This is also not the firstContinue reading “Welcome to our Mudroom Mess”

Setting-Up Shop on Etsy and Facebook

New Etsy Shop and Facebook Page… Lots of changes for the holiday season. Some just needed to be made (I was dragging my feet) such as setting up an Etsy store which I have blog about in the past couple of weeks. That journey has been a lot harder and more time consuming than IContinue reading “Setting-Up Shop on Etsy and Facebook”

Selling Online is Hard…

My experience with online sales is very limited to our local Facebook garage sale page. Even at times, selling on a local garage sale or rummage Facebook site is still a pain. With sign making, I decided to create an online shop on Etsy.com. I have been doing research for months to learn ins andContinue reading “Selling Online is Hard…”

Planning Fall and Winter Projects

Fall is finally here and I hope that our 90-degree weather is gone even though this winter and spring, I will be wishing for it to return. The fall brings a lot of exciting events to local communities and families: football, soccer, and cross county start for the fall season; many kids play fall baseballContinue reading “Planning Fall and Winter Projects”

Milk Paint 101

I love to paint furniture. I am a sucker for small, little pieces like side tables, benches, shelves, etc. Years ago, I grew tired of using regular paints and really liked how some people were using paint that was heavily textured. It looked old, made the furniture look older, or more time period correct. AsContinue reading “Milk Paint 101”

The Pop-Up Store is ready to go!

September 4th, is the day. I am excited and nervous (and really, really tired). A tremendous amount of work, time, financial investment, has went into this sweet little business. Which I hope might expand to provide other items but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Webb Printing has graciously allowed me to set-upContinue reading “The Pop-Up Store is ready to go!”

The Rosemary and Lemons Pop-Up Shop

If you have been following the bog and my social media, you can obviously see that we are working towards something in the lines of retail. What started with a small blog has turned into a platform for sharing about projects, family, parenting, lifestyle, design, etc. and it has grown into a ritual of sortsContinue reading “The Rosemary and Lemons Pop-Up Shop”