Signs, Signs and More Signs!

This week’s post isn’t really a post but I want to share with you some signs and get your feedback.  I love wooden signs and purchase them all the time.  However, after some more time and research, I thought, “hey I can make these!”  And I thought I could do it cheaper than what IContinue reading “Signs, Signs and More Signs!”

Who Doesn’t Love Wooden Signs????

  I am a sucker for wooden signs! Anything with cute script and great quotes, I will find a place to put it in my house. I think that wooden signs add charm and personality to any home and room. Seeing how I love these signs, I thought to myself, “how hard could it beContinue reading “Who Doesn’t Love Wooden Signs????”

The Pennant Project

I love vintage pennants. Especially ones that represent historical places throughout the United States. I started with seeking out pennants in antique stores and then went on to EBay and Esty to find ones for places that we have traveled over the years. I couldn’t believe the number of pennants that were made and howContinue reading “The Pennant Project”

Natalie’s June Décor Picks!

I can’t believe it is June already! I hope time slows down this summer. Making a list of small (or big) projects can help slow down time and help to pace out the summer hours. I wrote about a metal cart project from last month that could be used in any home, in any space.Continue reading “Natalie’s June Décor Picks!”

We all need a metal cart!

I love little, rolling metal carts. Some were used for typewriters while others are or were used in shops for storage or to hold tools, food, boxes, etc. If it is metal and rolls, I am game. I think there are limitless opportunities for a useful, eye-catching, easy and affordable project if you can findContinue reading “We all need a metal cart!”

For the Love of Subway Tile

I love subway tile due to it’s simple, clean lines, versatility, and its affordability. But it is also very adaptable and can be used in many spaces in a home. We decided to use it in the kitchen as a backsplash (which is pretty common). It looks amazing and very much finishes off the space.Continue reading “For the Love of Subway Tile”

Happy Collecting!

As a child, I loved to collect anything. Small, shiny rocks, stickers, Precious Moment dolls, etc. My son enjoys collecting objects that we had to learn how to display in his room when we re-organized his space and now again, when we moved. Some collections were started for us, out of love or tradition. IContinue reading “Happy Collecting!”