COVID’s impact on college campuses… I have taught at the college level for 10 years (this year) which is a huge milestone for me professionally.  Having taught at Purdue for 4 years and Ancilla for 6 years, I tremendously enjoy teaching at the college level and being on a college campus.  There is something aboutContinue reading “COVID and COLLEGE”

Finding a new word to replace the word “busy”

Challenge you to find a new word to replace the word “busy” “I am sooooo busy…………” When I ask 9 out of 10 people “how are you doing?”  Most will reply with the word or phrase “I am busy.”  Many people are defined as “busy” regardless of their workload or how each of us definesContinue reading “Finding a new word to replace the word “busy””

What do you need right now?

What do you need right now…in the midst of school and COVID 19… I am anxiously awaiting our first day of school which may or may not come due to COVID-19.  As I have watched numerous surrounding schools, and schools all over the state either push back their start dates or go directly to e-learning,Continue reading “What do you need right now?”

I Took A Day For Myself…

So, I took a day for myself this week. I have literally drained myself of all life in relation to work, deadlines, grant writing, meetings, etc. and that doesn’t include being a mom and caring for little people and a home. I take maybe 2 days a year, to do something fun, for me. LikeContinue reading “I Took A Day For Myself…”

New Year, New Goals…and they are about me!

If one my goals was to be more timely with my blog post, I would have already failed. This post should have been done the first week of January but due to the craziness of the holidays, I struggled to sit down and make time to write out some meaningful New Year’s goals. So, hereContinue reading “New Year, New Goals…and they are about me!”

Reading List for Summer 2018

I love to read. As a child, I struggled to read, sound-out words, comprehend content, spell, etc. I still struggle with these lack of skills but I work hard at them. However, sometimes, I just reassign names in places where I cannot pronounce a word. Using memorization instead of phonics. It is amazing I wasContinue reading “Reading List for Summer 2018”