Realistic Organizing

“A cluttered space, is a cluttered mind.” I love organization books and have read just about every book that has been published on the subject.  I can tell you the good, the bad, the ugly, the unrealistic, the inspiring, etc.  This is the due to the fact that I like to organize EVERYTHING.  Everything shouldContinue reading “Realistic Organizing”

Summer Projects

Each spring/summer, I make a list of goals and projects for the summer. Some of these goals are professional related like, edit book chapters; write curriculum for 3 college classes, organize a filing system for my home office, read 10 books, write a grant for programming, etc. Other goals include health related goals such asContinue reading “Summer Projects”

The Great Lego Purge

Hold my beer… or I should say, my glass of wine… because we took the plunge and purged the Legos. You know, it was not too painful. I did almost have a panic attack after I dumped out thousands and thousands of miss-matching Legos on the floor of my son’s room. I think my sonContinue reading “The Great Lego Purge”

Please Let Spring Come Soon

I do love the winter, and I do love snow. But after about mid-January, it can go away. I think this winter and with all the challenging weather, it has really worn on people. I dread the 5 am call or School Facebook message about 2-hour delays (which those are not too bad but itContinue reading “Please Let Spring Come Soon”

Decorate Smarter, Not Harder… the changing of seasonal decor

I love to decorate for the holidays but I will be honest, it was much more fun when my kids were really little. They got so excited with each season or holiday when I pulled out the jack-o-lanterns or the Christmas tree lights. They loved the glow of the lights and the excitement the variesContinue reading “Decorate Smarter, Not Harder… the changing of seasonal decor”