Building our home has been a fun and exciting adventure for us!  You can see from a number of my blog post that I love furniture projects, building, design, etc.  I look to start doing more home design work that relates to space and design.  My goal, would be that each person I work with, walks into their home or one space in their home, and that space truly makes them happy and calm.  That is my goal!  Who doesn’t want a space or a house that makes them happy to come home too at the end of each day!


Love your Space is a set of space/design prints that you can print off, and use to take note of how you use space, how your family uses space and to start thinking more deeply about how you can easily make your space more purposeful and meaningful.  Anyone who is looking to remodel, build or update a space in their home will find these handouts helpful.  People don’t think about space or the spaces of their home or how they are used until they are non-functional, filled with clutter, or bring you down when you walk into that space.

Hope you will enjoy and find helpful.  More to come!

Love your Space And When to Change It

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