Here are some great reads…

I am always on the hunt for a good read.  Books that can inspire, teach, humble, that I can learn from or learn to understand people, actions, events.  My reading topics hop from history, biographies, anything Kennedy or Jackie Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, leadership, community, mental health, and some fiction (but not much fiction).

Below is a link to a professional reading list that I have put together.  These books all focus on leadership, mental health, rural culture, and juvenile justice reads.  Part of these books focus on either the juvenile justice field or working with youth while others are community culture reads or leadership .  Even if you don’t work youth, or within the justice field, many of these books are excellent reads.  Books that focus on mental health are more plentiful today than they were 20 years ago.  Mental health may not the most exciting nor happiest topic to read about, but I have found books like What Made Maddy Run, to be very insightful, impactful, and humbling.

The book Tribe on Homecoming and Belonging should have made this list but I am only halfway through it.  A great book that focuses on community and human relationships in regards to society and military experience.  The author helps us to further question, explore and understand the historical and current concept of a Tribe.

Happy reading and I would love to hear if you have came across a great read or if you have made an intention reading list for 2018, what is on that list.  Click on the link below for my reading list!

Reading List

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