New York City, You Did Not Disappoint

One of my bucket list items has been to travel to New York City (NYC). I have never been and I especially find NYC very lively or magical around the holidays. In my mind, NYC seemed so vast in size, concrete everywhere, millions of people, thousands of buildings, block after city block of stop lights,Continue reading “New York City, You Did Not Disappoint”

Organizing a Kid’s Room

When your child wants to save everything… As you can see from my prior blog postings, I love to organization.  But I have child who does not.  I recently told him that the sight of his room, literally, puts me into a panic attack.  His response, “Mama, I think you are being a little dramaticContinue reading “Organizing a Kid’s Room”

Vacationing with Kids is not a Vacation

I love making memories with my kids.  I enjoy taking them places and sharing new experiences with them.  I hope these experiences have an impact on them as they continue to grow and learn about history, science, government, sports, civic service, etc.  However, that goes without saying that taking kids on trips is hard work!! Continue reading “Vacationing with Kids is not a Vacation”